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Did you know that the Wayne County Property Tax Auctions require a $2,500.00 deposit to bid on a property? Well, how about a required $10,000.00 deposit to bid on multiple properties? That's a hefty upfront cost before you even begin to bid on properties in the auction.  Well, Strather Academy is here to help! For only $400.00, you can have the right to bid through us.  This package allows you to bid on your first two properties for free, win or lose. 


What's included:

  • First two bids FREE
  • $100.00 per bid / $100.00 processing fee per winning bid 
  • Access to the Strather Academy Bidding Room
  • Auction professionals available during bidding hours
    • Bid on selected properties
    • Monitor properties until bidding ends
    • Auction Assistance and Support

Bidder's Rules

  1. Funds are due no later than 2 hours before the bid closes.

  2. Bidders can pay for Bidding w/ Strather on the day of the closing date by 2 hours prior to the bidding closing time.
  3. Bidders are to create a bid list of properties in the order of priority and maximum bid amount.
  4. All bidders are able to join staff in the bidding room at 15400 Grand River, Detroit, MI 48227 2nd floor at the time of their bid.
  5. Bidders will not be allowed to compete against each other so whoever submits the parcel/address first has the right to bid on the property first. If the bidder is out bidded over his/her maximum bid then and only then will another bidder be allowed to bid on that parcel/address.
  6. No bidders have to be present as long as they have submitted thier list with paper work and funds turned in to a Strather Academy representative.
  7. Once bidding starts all bids are final.
  8. Please give the county 30 business days for deeds to be sent to Strather Academy.
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Bid Thru Strather - Single Property Bid
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