Here at Strather Academy, we realize that everyone who comes to us looking for help is on a different real estate path. Some individuals come and talk to us immediately after they see a real estate infomercial on the television. Others who come to us may have more experience. Instead of simply wanting to own a house or two, they may already own a few multi-million dollar apartment complexes. Even further, we've found that some people know exactly what they want to learn. For those individuals, we have classes ranging from property management all the way to credit and business development.

No matter what you want to learn, we at Strather Academy can assure you that any answer you could possibly want to know is here and more. Herb Strather, having closed in excess of $2 billion in transactions (including Motor City Casino, Woodbridge Estates, Hunter Ridge, Hotel St. Regis, Grand River Greenfield, and thousands of apartment units in SE Michigan), is more than qualified to give you the answers you're searching for. 

Please join us for a FREE class preview during any running course.  Come and see if these courses are the right match for you!  Just call our office at (313) 444-9691 or email to schedule your visit.

Interested in taking multiple classes? Want to take a course that is not being offered this term? Concerned about the price? 

Contact Strather Academy for specialized group pricing, information about our other courses, and financial aid assistance. 

Credit Repair 100: Credit Enhancement Strategies

Tuesdays - 6:00-8:00pm  - 6 Weeks - $1,600.00

This course is designed to assist in the repair, enhancement, and buildup of personal credit scores/balance sheets. The class will cover resources, methodologies, and the tools needed to successfully and timely re-establish credit. This course will then go over techniques to successfully acquire funding by leveraging credit.

Credit Class
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Real Estate 101: The Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing

Mondays - 6:00-8:00pm - 6 Weeks - $1,600.00

This course is designed for the beginners interested in real estate. The class will cover real estate opportunities, sales, investments, developments, building, financing, flipping, and appraising.  In addition, this course will go over Real estate terminology from A to Z and The importance of the 5 F’s (finding, funding, fixing, financing and flipping).   This course will let you know what options you have to achieve financial freedom in real estate in addition to introducing you to the tools needed to succeed. 

●    Finding and Underwriting Deals 

●    Structuring, Financing, and Closing Transactions

●    Real Estate Exit Strategies


Real Estate 211: Strather's Successful Sheriff Sale Strategies

Tuesdays and Thursdays - 6:00-8:00pm (TU)/11:00am-2:00pm (TH) - 6 Weeks - $2,000.00

Participants will go through the step by step process of successfully acquiring properties at auctions. Students will learn how to properly underwrite target deals and how to bid successfully.

●    How to read and interpret the notices

●    What you need to bid and how to bid

●    How to underwrite the property before bidding

●    What to do after winning a bid 

●    What to do after losing a bid

●    How to set your maximum bid and why


Real Estate 341: Community Development

Mondays - 6:00-8:00pm - 12 Weeks - $3,750.00

This is part 1 of an extensive course designed to give the student hands-on experience in community development. The class will actually develop a community where the attendee will learn the step-by-step approach over a 6-month period.

●    Assemblage- Learn techniques to assemble the needed parcels 

●    Meet with community stakeholders and find common ground

●    Hosting a Charette

Community Development
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