The Complete Bidder's Kit

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This guide contains all you need to know to properly underwrite and strategize to successfully win at the Wayne County auction with the additional tools to put that knowledge into practice. Created by Detroit real estate expert, Herbert J. Strather, this kit features the right to bid for $100 per property (avoid Wayne County's hefty $200 deposit!), the Bidding on a Prayer Real Estate Auction Guide, Goal Setting Worksheet, and The Proformas with Guidelines. This kit will also teach and allow you to practice approaching the auction with a critical eye and walking away with the best value in your properties. 


What's included:

  • Auction Resource Guide
  • The Proformas
  • The Proformas Guidelines
  • Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Right to Bid for $100 Per Property (Additional $100 Processing Fee for Each Winning Bid)

*DISCLAIMER- The Bidding on a Prayer Real Estate Auction Guide may not be applicable to Lien Tax Auctions