Voting For Detroit

Which Candidate will ensure our community becomes a melting pot instead a victim of gentrification?

Which Candidate will ensure our community becomes a melting pot instead a victim of gentrification?


Detroiter's Deserve The Best

It is time Detroiter’s take the reins firmly in our hands and with great calculation ask ourselves who is best for Detroit. This opinion may change from Detroiter to Detroiter but at some point, facts beat fiction and what is truly best for Detroit should take precedence.

We as lifelong Detroiters need to take a deep introspective look at ourselves as well as the social and economic climate to determine what is the best path for Detroit.  Just as important and also synonymous with what is best for Detroit; it is imperative that you decide on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 what is the best for you, someone who’s blood sweat and tears has enriched Detroit soil. We and our ancestry have built and stood by this city.  

Both candidates bring a legacy of fighting for Detroit; however, there are serious community concerns in the back of the minds of all longtime residents that need to be addressed. Young or old, there are 10 very important questions we all need to ask ourselves over the next few days when we go to the polls to determine our future and who should lead our Great City of Detroit:

Question 1. Which Candidate will ensure our community becomes a melting pot instead a victim of gentrification?

Question 2. Which Candidate will develop and promote neighborhoods outside of downtown and adjacent areas?

Question 3. Which Candidate will best protect low-income residents (whom are exempt from property taxes) that are losing their homes to outsiders for non-payment of property taxes?

Question 4. Which Candidate will work best with the school board to improve DPS for current and future generations?

Question 5. Which Candidate can relate to and will be able to best motivate longtime Detroit residents, whom are psychologically in a rut, to become active in community affairs and improving neighborhoods?

QUESTION 6. Which Candidate will establish an equal playing field for all developers from controlling the Central Business District or any other large area such as New Center area as well as establish reasonable limits on public entitlements to any single developer and business owner to make sure Detroiters receive a fair return on public dollars invested in private projects?

Question 7. Which Candidate will provide transparency and avoid conflicts of interests?

Question 8. Which Candidate will have a fair plan to make sure minority business owners and developers get equal treatment?

Question 9. Which Candidate is best for your community?

Question 10. Which Candidate is best for you?

I challenge all Detroiter’s to take a long introspective look deep inside the answers to these questions. The power lives in your vote. The decision may not be easy, but it will set the course for not only your future but your children’s as well.

Vote wisely but if the decision is still unclear, vote with your heart, it always knows what’s right.

Congratulations to both candidates in the upcoming election.   

                          Good Luck!!!

                          Herb Strather

                          Lifelong Detroit Resident