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Quiana Harmon, Detroit, Michigan - Current Student/Intern


I often dreamed of owning income properties but I always thought it was something where I would have to build all this capital and then be able to live the dream. I live in a city where there are a ton of nice beautifully built structures. I began to research how one could obtain property a very modest price and in that research I discovered my local area tax auction.  I was also in market to buy a home in which I would reside and that’s when I got excited. I discovered that people from all over the world can come to my city and buy property, it was then I knew that was something to this auction thing.  

Upon my research, I also discovered Strather Academy where they taught me some amazing strategies, they offer a round table course focused on the tax auction sale.  It was then that I was certain that I was in the right place to learn all I needed to know to sky rocket in this income property game. My story is that of one who was curious but knew that I needed to be taught and coached through the process of buying properties. 

Indeed I got just what I needed and I obtained a total of ten properties in the auction, all of which are tenant occupied and generating income.  The tools I learned truly equipped me to be successful and continue to grow in this game as I aspire enter the wonderful world of commercial real estate soon.

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Aaron B. Lewis, Detroit Michigan - Former Student

Lifelong lessons.
Lifelong friendships.
Lucrative partnership opportunities.
Support and guidance to achieve your dreams.
A fraternity.

This is what Strather Academy has been for me.

For the three years I worked, first as a student, then as a graduate of Strather Academy I have learned concepts and strategies that set me apart from people who have been investing in real estate for decades.

Advanced concepts, taught quickly and repeatedly, that have allowed me to structure sophisticated deals with even the most experienced real estate investor.

To this day I work with and partner with current and previous Strather Academy students and graduates on deals. We are a fraternity that focuses on economic development and contributing to community development as well as philanthropic financial institutions like "HNB" Hip National Bank".

Strather Academy is one of the best investments in money and time I have ever made. I now run a trio of Detroit based real estate brokerages using the teachings from Strather Academy.

Ms. Yurko, Detroit Michigan - Former Student

Before meeting Herb Strather, I had been a real estate investor for over 10 years. One evening I heard him giving a radio interview about how the Detroit real estate values have dropped to 10 cents on a dollar.  At the time I had purchased several homes in nice Detroit neighborhoods that I bought for 10 cents on the dollar from the banks, so I knew this was true.

During his interview, Mr. Strather used the term “psychological depression”.   This caught my attention. He went on to say that the homes themselves hadn’t changed.  They were still the same brick homes that people bought and worked hard to pay for, held 30-year mortgages on, lived in and raised their families pre-2007.

What had changed?   Our mindset.   We were being conditioned psychologically to believe that these fine homes were no longer worth anything but 10 cents on the dollar.

I had to meet this man who spoke so much truth about real estate.  After meeting with him, I wanted to learn more of what he knew.  I enrolled and became a student at Strather Academy.  His beginners’ class syllabus outlined 8-10 weeks of class, yet he gave even more.  He was always available to answer questions after class, by e-mail and even by phone. 

Strather Academy is not just book theory, but is a hands-on class.  Mr. Strather advises his students on whether to proceed with real life deals that are good, and he can determine the ones that only look good on paper which can divert a financial catastrophe.  After learning the foundation, he then teaches how to put together complex deals that most investors wouldn’t know how to structure.

I am glad that I took the class.  Definitely worth it!

Ken Barwin, Ann Arbor Michigan - Intern                                                                                                                                           

Walking in for my first day as an intern with Herb Strather, I didn’t know what to expect. And really, I mean that in the least cliché way as possible. In most internships, you work for a company that does everything by the book with as little wiggle room as possible. When you take a look at Herb, everything about him is unorthodox. I suppose that’s part of why I wanted to intern for him. When he structures deals, there is no other person more creative than him. When he was first starting out, he didn’t have the luxury of someone to finance his dreams. Instead, he had to think of creative ways to get cash back at closing. So when I walked into his office for the first day, you can bet I didn’t know what to expect.

My first day consisted of watching Herb analyze an apartment complex worth well north of a couple million dollars. Coming from a real estate background, these were very familiar numbers. The usual numbers, net operating income, cash on cash return, expense ratios, and cap rates were all familiar. But what really amazed me was where he could look at the numbers with a quick glance and tell where the problems were. These “problems” he found were diamonds in the rough. The ordinary investor wouldn’t have been able to find these.

And if it couldn’t even get any more unorthodox, I was brought on a trip with Herb’s daughter to the St. Regis Hotel. From there, I found out that their team had been planning a fundraiser for Lisa Howze. One of the guests at the fundraiser was Detroit Mayor, Mike Duggan. The amount of contacts Herb Strather possesses is a testament to how many people respect what Mr. Strather does. And they don’t only respect his creative genius with contracts.

The final, and most important, thing that I learned at this internship with Herb is that you need to value something in your life. For Herb, Detroit is his life. It is where his business, life, and passion is. With every business deal and educational seminar he does, it is all to revitalize Detroit – and he makes sure everyone knows it. It is no wonder why he has been so successful. When you are completely passionate about something, work and tough times are trivial in comparison to what you are striving to achieve. For Herb, he knows that Detroit will return to its former glory. And for me? Well, I know that’s the key to success.