Tax Auction Boot Camp

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About the Coach:  Herb Strather has closed  in excess of $2 billion in transactions, including Motor City Casino, Woodbridge Estates, Hunter Ridge, Hotel St. Regis, Grand River Greenfield and thousands of apartment units in SE Michigan.  He has acquired hundreds of properties from various auctions and is a master at leveraging real estate transactions.  He is Chairman of Strather Associates, LLC and Strather Academy, LLC, and is creating the next generation of urban developers. To get in touch with Herb Strather, please contact us, or call 313 444.9691.

Tax Auction Boot Camp

If you are serious about bidding on real estate and redeveloping your community, then spend the a day with the Coach to sharpen your skills before you start buying up deals.  You are guaranteed to get the skills and the best strategies needed to properly underwrite the property to ensure your success.  Buying smart and informed is in everyone’s best interest.  Bidding uninformed is just bidding on a prayer.

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