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about the quick start program

Classes run Tuesday/Thursday from 6:00PM - 8:00pm 

       The Quick Start Program is a eight week live class geared to jump start students into a career in real estate.  This 8 week intensive course meets from 6-8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Any person, who is motivated and interested in real estate will be coached on how to succeed in the real estate business lead by expert real estate developer, Herbert J. Strather.  The redevelopment of Detroit’s community is a vital part to the class and students must be a part of a deal in order to graduate.

       The course starts off by providing a loan up to $25,000 for them to open a bank account and repay immediately, thus they have a $25,000 loan and a $25,000 bank account with the idea of establishing a great relationship with the bank and one day substituting collateral with real estate. The course molds the students’ mindsets in preparation to fully understand the theories and real life situations of real estate investing.  The cornerstone of this program is based on the 5 Fs (finding, funding, financing, fixing, and flipping deals).  This course is meant for students of all experience levels whether one is looking to become a developer or simply find a new home.  Either way, students will be guided to make sure they buy right and protect themselves from making the costly mistakes.  Each class is setup to have at least an hour of lecture, followed by  real-life deal reviews and case studies for discussion.  Students are encouraged to find deals and actively participate, so that they have a better understanding of real estate deals from start to finish.   Additionally, each student will be assigned a coach to mentor them through the program and individual’s milestones/goals.  There will be testing and in-class simulations to prepare students for their experience in the real world.

What's included:

  • How to Find Deals
  • How to Find Owners
  • How to Run the Numbers (Proformas)
  • How to Know What is a Good Deal
  • What Websites To Use To Help You Get Information
  • How to Improve Your Credit
  • How to Fund Deals
  • How to Finance Deals
  • How to Know What You Should Fix
  • How to Flip and When
  • How to Build Your Team for Your Business
  • Joint Ventures
  • LLC’s
  • Byob (Be Your Own Bank)
  • Sheriff Sales
  • Key Terms
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Letters of Intent & Other Forms
  • Also, Includes Visits From Key Players in Real Estate

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